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Welcome To BrownTurns Inc Wiki. A Fanmade Media Company that owns Cable Channels, Television Productions, and more

About BrownTurns Inc.Edit

BrownTurns Inc is a Company that began in 1946 and was founded by Brian A. Newman. It owned 150 AM & FM Radio Satations and had a production company called BrownTurns Entertainment. It began Cable Channel in 1980 for the launch of ComedyHub. And it made more new cable channels such as MusicJam, Basic News Channel, The Children's Network (renamed to Cintelular in 1988), and a premium channel called Home Theater Network (HTN for Short). BrownTurns Inc Currently has 25 Cable Channels as of today.

Cable Channels Edit

  • Clove TV
  • Clove TV Romance
  • MusicJam
  • MusicJam Hits
  • MusicJam Jazz
  • BNC: Basic News Channel
  • BNC Business
  • VGN
  • ComedyHub
  • Cintelular
  • Cintelular @ Nite
  • Cintelular Junior
  • Cintelular Toons
  • TeenCintelular
  • Mommy & Baby Network
  • Crafting Network
  • Pets Channel
  • Nostalgia Network
  • HTN
  • HTN Family
  • HTN Comedy
  • HTN Love
  • HTN Classics
  • HTN Western
  • HTN Latino

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